american imperialism essay prompt

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How did the debate regarding the annexation of the Philippines illustrate the U.S. views about imperialism/democracy/race? 1. Primary Source Skills: Students will ... HOMEWORK: Students will answer document questions and complete three paragraph response to the writing prompt. You can download the documents if
Analysis Practice. Writing Prompt Question: Why did the United States become an imperial power at the end of the 19th century? Context of the lesson in the unit: The activities in this lesson are to be used in addition to others when introducing the development of United States imperialism. In the textbook The Americans
that examines the causes of and secondary sources. U.S. Imperialism an essay and explains the effect(s) . What conclusions or imperialism of imperialism on a ... maintained throughout the response. Reading/Research. Attempts to present information in response to the prompt, but lacks connections or relevance to the.
This is a GREAT writing prompt comparing the imperialistic actions of the United States in the late 19th century to the War in Iraq and Afghanistan. It allows the students to freely think about Imperialism while developing their own opinion on whether.
Imperialism Essay Test. Choose TWO of the following prompts and write a thorough and complete response. Your response should be in paragraph form with complete sentences and proper grammar, spelling, etc. Be specific and use examples and facts to help complete your response. Option 1: Discuss America's
If you are asked an “imperialism” essay question on the exam, what time period will it focus on ? Don't know, but my best guess is the Spanish-American War Era. This is when the US, for the first time, officially gained an empire beyond its own shores. But you could also argue that the Mexican War (1846-48), and the
This is a period in U.S. history during which the nation is effectively redefined; isolationism goes by the wayside and is replaced with a policy of internationalism and, at times, imperialism. Following the Spanish-American War, the U.S. began what would become a long history of involving herself in the affairs of other nations
2.) What reasons are behind American imperialism? 3. Writing Prompt: Based on the reading, March of the Flag, would you support or oppose American Imperialism? Use two examples from the passage to support your response. Days 2-3: Bell ringer: Now that you know what imperialism is, summarize why America wanted

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